For people with periods.

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Amber De Luca - Tao

THINX are committed to breaking the taboo surrounding menstruation. They are working towards creating a future where every girl has an opportunity to have the bright future they deserve.

Well at least that was their motto, until the public threw a tonne of shade at them for the way they advertised their products. Consumers complained that the brand lacked inclusivity and did not cater for transgender men with menstrual cycles.

In response, THINX wrote an open letter. They acknowledged their loss of fans and their need to do something to address their intersectional feminist values. But it gets even cooler, they launched a line of boyshorts specifically for the transgender market.

To represent the THINX trans line is Sawyer DeVuyst, a trans model they scouted straight off of Insta.

THINX sourced information straight from the trans community to produce the collection. This resulted in the creation of a boxer style as it's a more masculine design which is also super protective and anxiety minimising. They also then found it was a very effective move, considering women also like to wear brief-type underwear during their cycles.

It’s time to realise any gender can experience a period. Here’s to another step in the gender equality direction.


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