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Attention all budding designers, your ticket to Whitehouse Institute of Design is here.

Mid-year intake for Whitehouse is officially open, meaning you can chase your designer dreams as soon as September.

It’s the perfect excuse for anybody who is currently hating their uni course or feels they’re stuck in a rut. Your ~dreams~ await.

The Bachelor of Design is a two-year course that centres around fashion design, interior design and or creative direction and  & styling.

Tbh it sounds like a whole lot of fun and if you ask us, you could be doing a lot worse in that time frame.

Previous and current students have interned at places like Hermès, Vogue, Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang, VAMFF, MBFWA, etc. etc. etc. so there’s that too.

This handy little course guide will answer any questions you may have, otherwise you can go forth and apply right here.


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