Stick a fork in us.

Words by

Anastasia McInerney

Following the release of Pauline van Dongen’s condom jumpsuit, the designer is back with a less shocking but equally genius design.

The Dutch fashion designer has created an almost entirely sustainable windbreaker that can charge a phone in less than two hours... wirelessly. 

The jacket has three flexible solar panels attached to the front, with an internal power bank to make sure you’re never without a charge. 

Created using recycled denim yarn provided by Dutch sustainable fabric company, Blue LOOP Originals, the jacket is made from worn-out jeans and recycled PET bottles. 

Dongen designed the jacket especially for the Wadden Sea Society, a group of tour guides and hikers expediting across the Wadden Sea Islands in The Netherlands. 

The waterproof finish combined with the solar panels provides functionality to deal with the demands of the expeditions, which can take up to 10 hours. It also makes sure they can upload an Insta-worthy shot while doing it. 

The designer is known for her wearable technology. The solar-powered windbreaker is a gender-neutral revamp of the dress the designer created back in 2014.

The jackets are currently in the testing phase and not yet available on the market. Hopes are high when a jacket promises to keep you dry and charge your phone. 



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