*drops everything*

Words by

Laura Kennewell

Calling all those who are talented and have a passion for fashion (yes, that was a Bratz reference).

VFILES is looking for entrants for its upcoming runway show and maybs it could be you.

For those uninitiated, VFILES is an online platform for people in the fashion industry who want to spread their lil networking wings. It’s a pretty cool way to get in contact with likeminded industry peeps and find inspiration and collabs.

It’s a dream of many to be involved in New York Fashion Week, and thanks to VFILES you have a chance (yeah, actually). In the past few years VFILES has presented some amazing shows featuring little-known names that are now working for Kanye West and featured in Vogue. DI$COUNT UNIVER$E featured in VFILES’ Feb show last year, and we all know how that turned out.

Basically this is your opportunity to make it.

Anyone from any fashion industry can enter (designers, models, stylists, etc) and it’s super easy. Just head to the VFILES website, create a profile, upload some of your work and submit it as a file under the contest entry for VFILES Runway 7. Yep, that’s all.

Entries close August 1, so get crackin’.


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