Creepy but kind of amazing.

Words by

Arianna Lucente

This news got the FJ gals squealing. We’re completely fascinated by Vogue Paris’ December/January 2015 feature by Italian photographer Giampaolo Sgura. It’s a Barbie-inspired shoot, with models Elisabeth Erm and Magdalena Frackowiak as dolls all packaged up and ready to go.

Don’t worry. We’re well aware of how creepy this is. Plastic dolls in boxes with stares akin to The Stepford Wives? We could even go into broader discussions about the objectification of women in the fashion industry.

But let’s take a moment to appreciate the immense detail behind this feature. It’s creepy, but it’s also kind of amazing. Look at her perfectly placed accessories. They’re even secured with those ridiculous white tags that were such a biatch to remove when you were a kid.

There’s a Haute Couture doll for 12 fashion houses and their current collections. Our favourites include the classic pink Moschino doll, the Fendi tennis player, and the Dolce & Gabbana Spanish flamenco dancer/guitar player. The Saint Laurent David Bowie impersonator also deserves a shout-out.

Absolutely mesmerising.

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