Killer brows got rhythm.

Words by

Elle ODonnell

There is no denying that in recent years heavier brows have been trending. If you struggled with stronger brows in your younger years, and desperately wanted thin, perfect arches like all of your friends, then we know you’re rejoicing at the bushy brow movement.

Leading the way is Cara D. and Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke, who each sport a brilliant face-structurin' set. Last week Graham Norton put Delevingne and Clarke to the test on his show, in a battle of brow rhythm, movement and expression. Just to add a little more fire to our envy, when the music began, each girl seemed to know exactly how to show off her brows. 

Judged by accompanying guest Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Game of Thrones jewel took Delevingne out with her serious brow coordination and skill. It's hard to feel sorry for the Victoria's Secret model though, she's still got killer brows for life.