No one does it like Humberto and Carol.

Words by

Savannah Anand-Sobti

Following the Opening Ceremony play they staged during New York Fashion Week, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim continue to use their creative flair on another outside-the-box idea. This time, they're showcasing their Fall collection with a short film. 

This fresh, unconventional take on advertising is directed by cult director Gregg Araki. Titled Here Now, it's set to debut at couture fashion week in Paris. Using up-and-coming actors Avan Jogia, Jane Levy, Jake Weary, Jacob Artist, Nicole LaLiberte, and Grace Victoria Cox just adds another dimension Kenzo’s fresh appeal. 

Here Now is said to be a follow up of Araki’s previous short 1997 film, Nowhere, which is fitting as the collection was inspired by the idea of being a outsider.

“We’re interested in instilling culture, whether it be subculture or pop culture, into all of our projects, especially at Kenzo,” the pair told Style.com 

Well guys, you've nailed it. 

[Via Style.com]