Working out just got better.

Words by

Claire Le

We Are Handsome have just released their new Heat Two collection and it’s seriously good. Think amazing prints and cute crops with a very WAH aesthetic.

Usually offering luxurious swimwear, this will be the second drop of activewear for the brand. It's the work of design duo, Jeremy and Katinka Somers, who are the husband and wife power couple behind We Are Handsome.

Offering sophisticated and elegant designs, there's no better way to work out.


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High performance. Low carbon footprint.
It’s official, because Tim Gunn said so.
Bold, iconic and feminine.
And it's everything you dreamed of.
Designer leggings, tanks, tees, jackets, trackpants on sale for one week only.
All summer vibes and bangers.
New collection by We are Handsome sees a new standard for the brand
"Luxury activewear gives those who can afford to wear it a sense of moral superiority."
Focus on quality rather than quantity.
Some motivation to get yo' buns to the gym.
The weather may still be freezing beyond belief...but a little premature swimsuit bags-ing never hurt anyone. Am i right? Am i...