Saving our planet is the thing to do.

Words by

George Tzintzis

If you’re reading this, chances are you went to The Great Barrier Reef on school holidays when you were 12.


Then you’ve definitely learnt about it in school. Well, our national treasure is sick (enter sad face emoji) but luckily there are some good people out there doing something about it.

Online fashion retailer YOOX and iconic Australian brand We Are Handsome, have together launched a six-piece capsule collection on the best day ever — Earth Day.

Working alongside The Great Barrier Reef Foundation, the new launch aims to raise funds and awareness around the issue of coral bleaching. 

"Working with YOOX on this campaign has been a fantastic experience for us to contribute to a cause that is so close to our hearts. Having explored the Great Barrier Reef several times, we know its value, significance and beauty — inside and out. We couldn't be more thrilled to partner with YOOX and their efforts to bring awareness to the dangers that face the Reef," said WAH creative director, Jeremy Somers. 

The capsule collection features two one-piece styles, two bikinis, leggings and a tee in an exclusive print that celebrates the natural beauty of the reef.

Saving the planet never felt so good.

The capsule collection will be sold exclusively online at YOOXYGEN, YOOX’s friendly online eco-corner.


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