What Would Willow Do?

Words by

Naomi Hatton

It seems Willow Smith has evolved from whipping her hair back and forth.

The starlet has now appeared in an interview and photoshoot with i-D magazine, which depicts a strong, unapologetic and inspiring young woman. 

The designer-studded shoot features Willow dressed to the nines in an array of powerhouse labels such as Gucci, Prada and Mason Margiela. It's not your typical teen closet, yet she carries the clothes scarily well. There are themes of slight androgyny mixed with feminine details, all the while showcasing Willow's own unique and inquisitive style.

Let's face it, the girl has more sass in her little finger than I do in my entire body. 

At the ripe age of 14, Willow contradicts the social media and digitally-fuelled teens of today and focuses her efforts on realisation and understanding of the world around us.

In the interview she portrays intelligence and style beyond her years, and replaces the common "What filter should I use?" with conversations surrounding feminism, the environment and the consciousness level of the planet (bear with us, Willow). 

In a digital era where selfie-stuffed Instagrams and constant comparisons are engulfing minds, Willow is breaking boundaries and aiming to empower women.

"Us women, we need to come together and we need to be together. We shouldn't be demeaning each other," Willow told i-D. 

Here is a 14-year-old cultivating discussion on current and emerging social issues... and I tripped over putting on pants this morning. 

So, from now on we all should probably be asking ourselves, What Would Willow Do? #WWWD

Check out the full interview and photoshoot here.


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