Making the world a better place.

Words by

Veronica Stanford

If you haven’t heard of Dr Susan Carland, then you should probably familiarise yourself. She’s quickly climbing up our list of female role models.

Susan is a former winner of the Muslim Australian of the Year Award and an academic at Monash University. You may also have seen her in the public eye due to her marriage to The Project's host Waleed Aly.

She’s also known for her use of social media to discuss issues of her religion, race and immigration. As you can probably imagine, she's no stranger to twitter hate.

Unfortunately, Muslims receiving hate online is pretty common. Now instead of hitting delete and ignoring it, Susan is trying to do something positive.

Two weeks ago, she pledged to donate one dollar to UNICEF, for every hate tweet she receives. The worst part about it though? She has already been made to donate over $1000 dollars.

Of the project Susan stated, “I thought, what's a good thing I can do? What is the complete antithesis of what these people are doing? They are putting so much ugly into the world. I thought what something is good I can put into the world."

We are right behind her. Love.







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