A pawfect pair.

Words by

Veronica Stanford

I’m more than happy to admit that I count my dog in my list of friends. If these were still MySpace days, Dexter would be right up there in spot number three of my Top Friends.

A new brand is here to celebrate that bond between human and hound, with matching pyjama sets. It's the next level up from dog friendship necklaces.

Herbert & Homer is a new sleepwear brand that makes matching pyjamas for you and your pup.

For people, there’s button up shirts, long pants and a short and tee combo. Designs are unisex and made from a poly/cotton blend.

For the dogs, there are onesies in matching sausage-dog patterns.

Your dog-human friendship is about to go next level.


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I want it and I don’t even have a dog.
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