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If you’ve always wanted to start a fashion business, but haven’t really figured out how to get there, take note.

Fashion Equipped is providing an alternative to traditional study, by offering a fashion business programme which is totally online.

We probably don’t need to go into the benefits of online study, but if you’re anything like us, the idea of learning from anywhere, at anytime you choose sounds pretty good.

The ‘Start Your Fashion Business’ course contains 10 online modules covering every aspect of starting and launching a fashion business.

The aim is to equip you with all the skills and tools to conceptualise and develop your business, without having to leave your home, office or studio.

One of the biggest challenges of learning online can be feeling isolated, which Fashion Equipped combats by building its own like-minded community. The team offer group coaching calls, real-time support and video-guided mentorship with industry professionals, ensuring no one gets left behind.

The programme covers a range of areas, from planning, funding, branding, pricing, marketing and more. It’s all headed up by Elizabeth Formosa, a professional with more than 20 years’ experience in the industry.

And the best part? They’re willing to give away a $10,000 scholarship to one lucky graduate.

At the end of the online programme, clients will be given the chance to present their fashion business pitch to a panel of experts, including Elizabeth Formosa. The winner will gain access to 12 months of business mentorship, including a $2,000 cash prize.

If you’re feeling like taking the next step in your career, intake for the ‘Start Your Fashion Business’ course is now open here.

But you'd better be quick, the programme starts on September 25.


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