Bigotry has reared its ugly head again.

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Tara Smith

Bigotry has reared its ugly head again, this time in a Zara store in Paris.

The retailer is under fire after a video emerged of staff denying entrance to a woman wearing a hijab in one of its Parisian stores.

While it’s unknown when the event occurred, the video was posted to Facebook a day after the Paris terror attacks.

Stopped outside the store, a security guard is heard telling the woman that no one is allowed to enter with their head covered.

“If things change, they’ll change, but I don’t make the rules,” he tells her.

According to Agence France-Presse, Zara has since fired the security guard and store manager.

Managing director of Zara France, Jean-Jacques Salaün, has since condemned the incident.

“This type of mentality is unheard of at Zara and there was never any instructions given by the group to act this way," he said.

The video has led to global outcry and boycotting of Zara, with many posting “never shopping again” on the Zara Facebook page

The company has since apologised to the shopper and consumers on Facebook.

In 2011, France introduced a law that prevents anyone from wearing a face-covering veil in public, but the law does not apply to the hijab, which only covers the hair. 

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