January 14-17.

Words by

Veronica Jenkinson

Design icon Dion Lee is having an end of season sale.

With up to 70% off this season's styles, the sale will be happening both in store and online.

But you've only got until this Sunday, so move it or lose it ladies.


Dion Lee End of Season Sale
In store and online 
Thursday January 14 - Sunday January 17

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And why you should stop ‘doing’ your hair this year.
Bringing Lee’s brand DNA to sunglasses.
Backstage with REDKEN.
The one where street style steps up.
Inspired by warmth, skin, masking layers and woven textures.
Pop it in your basket ASAP before anxiety takes hold.
For lovers of beautiful fashion.
Count on extraordinaire Dion Lee to deliver the goods.
Too many sales, not enough wardrobe space.
Dion Lee crosses to South East Asia.
Three days. Up to 70% off. Let’s go.
Drooling over shimmery suit jackets.
Beautiful mermaid sea creatures from outer space.
We really, really wanted to reach out and feel the models (and yes we know how weird that sounds).
Because festival attire is super original...
Lift your look without even trying.
Some eye candy for your Wednesday afternoon.
It’s a glamorous kind of bohemian.
Brace yourselves ladies.
A bunch of babes in one-pieces.
Take a float around in these black beauties.
More boxy goodness.
After this weeks opening launch of his new Emporium Melbourne Store, Dion Lee strikes again with the release of his spring/summer...
Fans of sculptural silhouettes and minimalism flocked to Melbourne’s Emporium last night for the opening of Dion Lee Site 02.
Welcome to a whole new world of jewellery.
The new ASOS WHITE collection has dropped. Hide the red wine.
Minimalist yet intriguing, Dion Lee has done it again.