July 29 - 31.

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A nice hot Milo and cold weather are the perfect match. But the gym and winter? Not so much.

Lululemon Athletica’s warehouse sale is the best excuse to buy some new activewear, which is the best workout motivation.

There will be apparel and accessories for both men and women, in a variety of sizes, and stock replenished every day.

Just make sure you bring the essentials, as large bags aren’t permitted.

Lululemon Warehouse Sale
Royal Hall of Industries
1 Driver Ave, Moore Park NSW 2021

Friday July 29, 10am-6pm
Saturday July 30, 10am-6pm
Sunday July 31, 10am-4pm


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High performance. Low carbon footprint.
It’s official, because Tim Gunn said so.
Bold, iconic and feminine.
And it's everything you dreamed of.
Designer leggings, tanks, tees, jackets, trackpants on sale for one week only.
"Luxury activewear gives those who can afford to wear it a sense of moral superiority."
Focus on quality rather than quantity.
Some motivation to get yo' buns to the gym.