It’s a wonder this move hasn’t come sooner.

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Veronica Stanford

Etsy is working hard to keep a hold on its market. The online marketplace has announced a new system to allow its users to host sales on their own domains. It’s called Pattern by Etsy and it will give sellers the chance to sync their Etsy store with their own websites. 

Pattern allows users to easily sync inventory across their multiple sales platforms, and unite all shipping and payment processes. 

It takes around 15 minutes to set up and gives the seller a customisable website, which processes sales through the same platform as Etsy. It also allows a seller to create an online store outside the traditional format found on Etsy.com. The other plus? Users can simultaneously make changes to both their Etsy and Pattern stores through the one Etsy website.

Pattern is available free to try for 30 days, before a service fee kicks in of $15(US) per month.

It’s the fourth seller service Etsy has implemented. It follows on from paid add-ons including payment processing, print-at-home shipping labels and sponsored listings.

According to Etsy, more than a third of its 1.6 million users have expressed the desire to set up their own domains, while half of all Etsy sellers already sell through multiple channels. So it’s pretty easy to see why this is a very smart move for the company.

With 54 per cent of Etsy’s revenue in the last quarter coming from its seller services, it’s a wonder this move hasn’t come sooner.


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