Women’s Running magazine lands its first transgender cover girl

Remember the name Amelia Gapin.

Remember the name Amelia Gapin.

She’s the first trans woman to appear on the cover of Women’s Running magazine, which is the good news we needed to hear this morning.

Amelia is the founder of MyTransHealth, a group that connects trans people with doctors who provide the care they need.

“For me to be on the cover of a women’s magazine is kind of a sense of validation that other people are seeing transgender women as women,” Amelia told People.

“Running helped me get through the mental and emotional struggles I went through while I was transitioning… [running] gave me a place to work through all of the external things, like dealing with other people, and how to approach coming out to people and how to explain,” she said.

Amelia started transitioning four years ago with hormone treatments and decided to undergo gender reassignment surgery in the last few months.

She’s hoping her cover will help members of the trans community, which in light of recent events, couldn’t come at a better time.

“I’m hoping that it shows people that are thinking about coming out, or want to transition and are afraid, that you can transition and things can go well,” she said.

“It’s really scary to be a trans person right now with everything that’s going on, and I know that a lot of people who were thinking about transition are reconsidering that. So if I can show them that it can be a very positive thing and it’s not going to necessarily be horrible.”

“You can be successful, you can do all these things.”

We’re right behind you.


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