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T Totaler
It doesn’t get much better than a great cup of tea, unless of course you created the tea yourself. T Totaler creates tea especially for you. Whether it’s for stress relief or you’re in need of a detox, the Sydney- based company can cater to your every need. They’re the experts, so you can also buy their ready-made brews or attend interactive classes to create your very own. They’re big fans of the environment too, trying to re-use where possible and ensuring 100 per cent of their range is Australian grown. It’s all delicious, beautiful and personal.

A favourite mug and trusty infuser are must-haves for any true tea lover. And Sydney’s CoralBel wants to help you find yours. From bronze Harry Potter-themed infusers to Hakuna Matata mugs, CoralBel boasts a large collection of quirky and cute tea essentials. You’ll easily find something for him, for her, for them, for you or just for laughs, and it’s all a little personalised. Owner Annabel has a way with words and a knack for making tea-time even more tea-riffic. CoralBel sure knows nothing beats a personalised cuppa...or personalised cup, at least.

Nana Fair
Generations ago, Mr and Mrs Fairburn made the journey from England to Australia in search of a better life. Their new life saw the couple living off the land and in turn, perfecting a tea recipe that would one day become Nana Fair. Nana Fair favours a simplicity that stems from a love of both art and culture. Their teas are a mixture of old favourites infused with new flavours that will satisfy even traditional tea lovers. The teas are then sealed in contemporary packaging, proving that although founded on traditional values, there is nothing outdated about this brand.

Vitali Tea Company
There is nothing better than sitting down to the perfect brew after a long day. This is where Vitali Tea Company comes in. The Australian company works to carefully create a feel good cup sourced entirely from local ingredients. The company uses key elements such as liquorice root, fennel seed, papaya leaf and dandelion root to detoxify, work to reduce bloating and suppress sugar cravings. The other good news is that each pack of tea is made especially to order. This means each little package you receive is as fresh as possible and health benefits are maximised. Perfect to accompany a new diet, or perfect for someone who just loves a good cup of tea.

Tea & Scandal

Enjoying a cup of tea among friends and family is one of life’s simplest pleasures and where some of the best ideas occur. Tea & Scandal was exactly that, a great idea formed around a cup of tea. Blended in a studio on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road, Tea & Scandal celebrates old recipes enhanced with modern twists. All teas are handcrafted using the finest organic ingredients, sourced from Australia wherever possible. Their aim is to make beautiful organic products with simple packaging, not the other way around. With this in mind, they make smaller batches more frequently, ensuring you receive a fresh and invigorating product every time.

Cuppa and Co
Family. You can’t live with them, you can’t live without them, but you can definitely make tea with them. Cuppa and Co was founded with this in mind, created by a Melbourne-based brother and sister duo. The siblings work to deliver delicious, natural loose leaf tea, in a city that is known for its coffee. Both avid tea drinkers, the two are passionate about sharing their love of a good brew with others. The range boasts the usual suspects with black and green teas, but there are also additions of beautiful berry and chai. Cuppa and Co’s teas are made with love from local and imported ingredients to be enjoyed at any time of the day. 

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