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Girls just wanna be creative.

Words by

Veronica Jenkinson

Founded by Lara Vrkic, The Ladies Network is a platform where we can all be fans of female creative talent.

Launched in May of this year, The Ladies Network works with artists, musicians, designers, business women and writers to highlight the contribution of women in creative fields.

The Ladies Network is updated weekly with interviews, features, studio visits and reviews, bringing you the best in local and international female talent. Because there is never enough female talent for us to be discovering. 

It's a group of creative women running a network to showcase the talent of other creative women, so it pretty much sounds perfect.

If you're a creative woman, if you know a creative woman or if you just want to look at the work of creative women then you're in luck. The Ladies Network are holding their first 'The Ladies Live' this Saturday October 10, at Freda's Bar in Chippendale.

The night will include an all-female line-up of bands and DJs, artists will be showcasing their work and there will even be a curated zine stall. Sounds like our kind of night out.


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