But really it's the best of both worlds.

Words by

Amber De Luca - Tao

My Dad is Chinese, my Mum is Italian. Therefore I am Eurasian.

People think that it’s a walk in the park, but really most of the time I'm just plain confused. Mixed race people, ya feel me?

To give you a little insight, here's a list of 26 things us Italian/Chinese halfies endure on a daily basis. Trust me, the struggle is real. 

1. You can’t decide if your favourite carb is rice or pasta

2. So then you eat both, naturally

3. Not knowing which culture you identify with more (sometimes you feel like you run Chinatown, other times Lygon Street is your home)

4. You love going to Chinese restaurants more than Italian, mainly because you can sit on your phone the whole time and it is socially acceptable. You may also burp and no one will raise their head

5. Accepting your chest will always be flat because of your Chinese genes

6. Blaming the fact that you are way too loud on being Italian

7. Blaming your massive appetite on being both

8. Forgetting you have a flat chest until your Nonna asks you (yet again) why you have no boobs. You have to remind her you’re half Chinese

9. Being unsure of which language you want to master, because let’s be honest it’s not going to be both. So you end up only learning hello, goodbye and swear words in both

10. Wanting to please both sides of the family, but whatever it is, will usually clash with one side

11. When your Dad hates rice but loves eating Italian food and your Mum hates everything that is Italian (pasta, Ferrari and coffee. She does like pizza though)

12. When you’ve technically never met the Chinese side of your family (once when you were 3 years old doesn’t count)

13. When you have absolutely no family in Melbourne except for your Mum, Dad and brother (#foreveralone)

14. When you were the victim of various racial jokes as a child including ‘do you eat your spaghetti with chopsticks?’

15. When chopsticks actually are your preferred utensil and you really do use them to eat your spaghetti and everything else (chopsticks > forks)

16. When your Mum tells you not to marry Italian OR Chinese (oh the irony)

17. When your Dad’s skin is more tanned than your pale Mum who was not blessed with natural olive golden skin

18. Actually looking European with wavy hair, but instantly Chinese when you straighten it

19. Having more arm hair than your Dad (them Italian genes)

20. When the New Year comes around… twice a year

21. Thanking the Lord that every Chinese and Italian festivity revolves around food

22. Growing up religiously confused because you went to a Catholic primary school but your Dad doesn’t believe in God

23. Realising that food is the only thing both races have in common (well, sort of)

24. Growing up thinking it is normal to be force fed by a family member/any adult

25. Knowing how much more difficult it is to write anything in Chinese compared to the English alphabet

26. When you have friends in the mafia and not on the Italian side (trust me, it’s a whole lot scarier)

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