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Snapchat experienced a lull recently, however we can confirm that the social-media phenomenon is back.

...And ready to eat your data. 

Here's our shortlist of the top 30 snapchatters you should be following.

FashionJournal - obvs the best. 

Rickthesizzler - Justin Beiber, finally let his Snapchat name out in June this year (thank you Lord).

CalvinHarris - The name says it all really…

Mplatco - the Picasso of Snapchat doodling.

Haileybisboring - Hailey Baldwin, also not boring.

Shaninashaik- Shanina Shaik, the Australian winner of Make Me a Supermodel's snaps are well and good.

Man_Repeller - Leandra Medine, watch the fashionista stop drop and squat.

KellyBellyBoom1 - Kelly Gale a.k.a the Victoria's Secret Swedish/Australian/Indian model.

Ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest, because celebrity gossip baby.

Diplo3000 - Diplo, because he uploads A LOT.

Kylizzlmynizzl - Kylie Jenner, a whole lotta pouting and twerking involved.

Rihanna – run by her best friend Leandra, giving a BTS look at the superstar singer.

DoubleGiForce - Gigi Hadid, for obvious reasons.

AussieMuso - Cody Simpson, because he dated Gigi.

GirlsHBO - Straight from the show, because Lena Dunham.

ArnoldSchnitzel - Arnold Schwarzenegger, because his name is so on point.

MileyCyrus - Miley Cyrus, she comes in like a wrecking ball.

Modelburnbook - Cailin Hill, the dry-humoured ex-model takes on Tokyo as a beer-drinking, budget-hunting vegetarian.

Jicknonas - Nick Jonas, much selfie, v photogenic.

LivelyBK - Blake Lively, because she married Ryan Reynolds.

Harperandharley - Sara Donaldon, Australian farshun chic.

Shonduras - Shaun McBride, a 27-year-old snowboard sales rep nobody who is now a celebrity-status-snapper.

Mtrainor22 - Meghan Trainor, because her voice is gold.

TimBling - Avicii, for when you feeling like some trance.

Moonlightbae - Ariana Grande, equal parts cute and hot.

Davidguettaoff - David Guetta, titanium.

Taloyswift - Taylor Swift, her boyf has one and so does she.

Miologie - the funniest pop culture contribution on Snapchat.

Richkidsnap - Rich Kids of Snapchat, because we loved the Instagram.

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