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Tara Smith

Cast your mind back to a much simpler time.

A time when texts cost 25 cents each on a prepaid sim, MSN Messenger was the main mode of communication and MySpace Tom was king.

It was here the real birth of social media took place.

A MySpace profile was a rite of passage for every preteen, while Facebook was yet a twinkle in Mark Zuckerberg’s eye.

To salute the golden days, we’ve compiled a list of the reasons why MySpace was so damn great, right back to where it all began.

1. Your friends knew their worth

Because MySpace made you rank them in order of preference. Losing a spot in top friends is kind of like someone unfollowing you on Instagram. Unforgivable. At least we all knew exactly where we stood with each other.

2. Your MySpace song was the closest thing you had to the theme song of your life

For many of us, this was 'Love Generation' by Bob Sinclair. For me, it was 'Gallery' by Mario Vazquez because I was deep (I was always more of an RnB gal). There were also plenty of times you selected songs you didn’t even like, because you knew it made you look cool. Guilty.

3. Likes still mattered, but you didn’t have to reach at least 11 to look cool

Eight likes? Still cool.

4. Reading someone’s hidden comments is the modern day equivalent of reading someone’s texts. Except we all did it.

I definitely wasn’t the only one. 

This was probably socially acceptable because majority of the comments contained this phrase only: “Hey hun, Thx for the add. Have we met? :) x”.

5. ♥ 

It was the only emoji you needed.

6. We all came to know this blurry, one-megapixel image far too well

Hello, old friend.

7. Selfies were taken on a cheap digital camera, in a dirty bathroom mirror with the flash on

You were doing well if you weren’t blinded by the reflection. I’m not sure at which point people decided to ditch the mirror and turn the camera on themselves, but this was probably a good thing. 

Cheers Tom, I’m not sure where you are or what you do since MySpace barely exists now, but thanks for all the good times.

Forever in your extended network.

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