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We don’t need to read frightening stats about global warming to know we should all be caring for the environment. And thanks to these brands, doing a little something for the earth is easy.

These nine brands all make a conscious effort to be kind to Mother Nature, whether that be through organic products, sustainable materials or recyclable packaging.


Bed is life, bed is goals. Ettitude knows this and since we spend one third of our life in bed, the brand has decided to perfect bedding. It’s the first company in the world to use 100 per cent organic bamboo lyocell fabric, requiring far less water to produce than cotton. It’s also a socially responsible label, holding high ethical standards and partnering with local charities to give back to the community. And if the brand hadn’t already ticked all the boxes, everything available is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. Enter SLEEP15 at the checkout to receive 15% off (excluding sale items). Sweet dreams.

Keeko Oil

There’s a plethora of teeth whitening products on the market, most of which involve swishing some sort of chemical around your mouth – not exactlyappealing.That’swhywethinkthecomebackofoilpullingispretty cool. Keeko Oil specialises in this ancient technique. Designed to be used like a mouthwash, the whitening solution comes in three tasty tropical blends. Each is infused with organic cold-pressed coconut, chamomile, lemon and myrrh oils, which naturally aid in the teeth-whitening process and detox your mouth. Sounds pretty good, hey? Best of all, Keeko Oil is entirely vegan, organic, Australian made and cruelty-free.


Byron Bay Skincare

Most of us are guilty of using beauty products with absolutely no idea of what’s actually in them. That’s not the case with Byron Bay Skincare. The brand is completely transparent, producing a range of 100 per cent naturally derived and cruelty free skincare products. There’s no harsh chemicals, only quality botanical and plant-derived ingredients. If that’s not enough to make you jump online, the brand is also committed to the environment. Made in Australia, all packaging is recyclable and BPA free, plus for every product sold, Byron Bay Skincare will plant one tree. If that’s not brand goals, we don’t know what is.


Lauren & Angie

Lauren & Angie is all about carefree, eco-friendly fashion. The brand was born in 2013 after a passion for sustainable fashion design was ignited in founder, Lauren Trickey. Since then, Trickey’s simple designs have been seamlessly transitioning into wardrobes around the world. Pieces are made from a combination of organic hemp, cotton, linen and other eco-friendly fabrics, with the brand aiming to bring a handmade touch back to clothes. Each piece has been ethically made in Geelong, with no factory or mass production whatsoever. You can catch Lauren & Angie in markets and online.


Paint Nail Lacquer

If you, like us, love taking time out to paint your nails, you’ll like Paint Nail Lacquer. And when you hear its collection of polishes are Australian made, cruelty-free and vegan, you’ll love this brand even more. The ethical and eco-friendly nail polish is created by interior designer, Amy Pierce. The result is quality nail polish that reflects interior trends to form a collection of easy-to-wear, staple colours. Pain Nail Lacquer’s formula is also void of some really nasty chemicals – like formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, toluene and camphor – making these polishes all the more dreamy.


Grown Alchemist 

Advanced natural alchemy and cosmetic science. It sounds intimidating, but Grown Alchemist is making it simple. The company uses the latest in scientific research and development to create all-natural cosmeceutical skincare, haircare and bodycare products. Our bodies will naturally fight anything foreign or toxic, so Grown Alchemist only uses ingredients that are compatible with human biology. Many work on a cellular level and contain regenerative properties that promote cell renewal and repair, cleanse and detox, and promote skin vibrancy. In layman’s terms, they work magic. What’s more, Grown Alchemist has products that are Australian Certified Organic with nothing tested on animals. This is a new generation of healthy skincare. 


Proof Eyewear

Proof Eyewear has got the vision, plus the goods to back it up. The brand prides itself on a socially conscious business model, involving itself in a number of global projects. Not only does Proof donate a significant amount of profit to missions around the world, but it’s also opened two eye clinics in India. As for the shades themselves, the frames are made from sustainable wood, repurposed skate decks and cotton-based acetate. Sound good? Great. Because there’s a winter sale on selected styles right now. Proof Eyewear is helping you see the bigger picture and look good while doing it.


Lux Aestiva

Not so fun fact: everything you use on your body is absorbed into your skin and bloodstream. It’s time to start being more conscious of what you’re putting on your skin. Australian start-up, Lux Aestiva, knows what’s good, creating botanical, handmade hair and skincare, with ingredients listed on the bottle. Think Omega fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, proteins and minerals. Vegan babes needn’t worry either, as Lux Aestiva only tests on its makers. Though the company is brand new, it’s already gained a large social following with the release of its debut products. There’s more on the way this month too, with a bath range dropping soon.


Van der Faun

You care about organic when it comes to your clothes, your food, your skincare. But what about your perfume? Odds are you’ve probably never considered the benefits of using an organic perfume. You probably didn’t even realise your current fragrance might not beorganic. You’re probably now wondering where to find an organic perfume. And you’re going to listen when we recommend Van der Faun. Delivering two natural (certified organic) fragrances. Van der Faun is also 100% natural, cruelty- free, vegan, handcrafted and Australian made. The brand understands that smelling good is your number one priority, so it’s got you there too.


This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 159. You can read it here.

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