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Angie Pai is a creative powerhouse. After being introduced to the world of art at a young age, Angie has since embarked on numerous successful collaborations.

She has even created her own clothing label, PAI. It's fair to say she is currently killing it on the design scene.

Angie is also Sugar Mountain’s newest visual artist for 2016. She'll be working on stage design, turning line-based drawings into a large sculptural set. We had a chat to Angie about her inspo and what we can expect from Sugar Mountain.

What are you doing at Sugar Mountain this year?
I'm collaborating with the Sugar Mountain crew to create some stage design. A scale this large will be a first for me. I will be bringing one of my paintings into the 3D realm (through sculpture). I hope it looks good.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing at the festival?
Kelala and Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda.

How did your involvement with the festival come about? 
I received a very kind email.

Describe your art in three words...
Trial and Error?

What inspires you?
Failing at everything academic.

Fave artist?
Jean-Michel Basquiat forever. However, I recently went to the National Palace Museum in Taiwan and discovered Giuseppe Castiglione. Seriously incredible. Images online don't do any justice. Seeing them in flesh was straight up fucked.  

Fave thing about living in Melbourne?
In comparison to other creative scenes, Melbourne is the most sharing and kind. People aren't holding their cards to their chest. 

Fave track/album to create art to?
Four Tet, Beautiful Rewind and Bonobo, Black Sands.

Achievement you are most proud of?
I once drank five pints. (Those who know me will understand. I get tipsy from tiramisu.) 

What’s next for you?
Finishing university (before my parents murder me.) 

Coolest person you’ve worked with?
Earlier this year, PAI was emailed by Vogue, asking to send some garments to LA for a cover shoot with Iggy Azalea. The shots didn't make the cut but we still shat ourselves.


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