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Cat Woods

Yoga has come a long way from the patchouli-scented, ommm chanting classes in the community church to be a fashion and fitness lover's addiction. It is the ideal blend of mindfulness, flexibility, core strength and lean muscle sculpting movement.

Fashion lovers are crowding to classes. If you need any more proof sports luxe is the look of the moment, here’s your proof.

Perhaps you’re not doing yoga because you haven’t found your yoga mojo. Maybe classes are too slow, the chanting music is too grating, or the hipsters are looking down their nose at your less-than-perfect downward dog...

So here are some classes where tradition is given a shake-up and fun is at the forefront.


A hybrid of - you guessed it - acrobatics and yoga, Acroyoga takes elements of circus and gymnastics to challenge balance, incorporating partner work. Most classes cater to beginners through experienced yogis, so it can be learned and practiced by everybody. No previous yoga knowledge is required. 

For Melburnians, Yoga Dance Moves offers this hybrid acrobatics/yoga class. Based in South Yarra, conveniently close to cafes, they also have dance and martial arts classes available. And no, there is no patchouli scent about this place at all. Find the timetable, pictures and class details here. Otherwise a simple Google search will find you a studio locally. 

Hip-hop yoga

How about hip-hop yoga? That’s right. You can now get your old school on in the studio. Yoga 213 runs fun, funky classes that soundtrack the yoga flow of vinyasa to Drake, Kanye, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg and Beyonce.

Studios are in Melbourne and Sydney so fashionistas have no excuses for not trying this one out, especially when it’s $30 for two weeks of unlimited classes. Check out the website for class details and timetable.

Hot yoga

No we’re not talking Bikram. We know that 90 minutes of a room at 40 degrees and an instructor talking a 100 miles a minute is not for everyone.

Hot yoga is much less intense and offers a great workout and detox. The room is maintained at a more comfortable 28 – 37 degrees, with heat ensuring the muscles are more flexible. This makes it easier to move into deeper postures, for that much needed stretch and strengthening effect. Instead of the strict 26 postures of Bikram, Hot Yoga classes can also vary in structure and level of difficulty depending on the instructor. 

Hot yoga is available at Fitness First, KX Pilates, Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, Move Yoga and many other studios. Again, get on Google to find your local studio.

Cat Woods is a Melbourne writer and blogger. She is also the founder of Ballet Sculpt classes and a qualified Pilates and BodyPump instructor. @catty_tweeter

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