The Big Easy.

Words by

Tiffany Newman

Not talking it up or anything, but the 'Big Easy' or New Orleans as it’s traditionally known, should be your next travel destination.

With a rich cultural history, chic hotels, stunning scenery, incredible food culture and more cocktails bars than you can count, NOLA has serious game. Lucky for you, after a four day trip around the city, we have your 'eat, drink, stay, play' bases covered. You’re welcome.


If like me, immersing yourself in the history of a city is your thing, then The Columns Hotel is a solid choice. With almost one-on-one service, The Columns is the poster child for traditional southern hospitality. With cute vintage suites, daily breakfast ans the paper delivered every morning, you won’t want to leave. Ever. No really... can I go back now?

Tradition may not be your style, so be sure to check out new-kid-on-the-block, Catahoula Hotel. Originally a creole townhouse, the hotel’s modern space provides the perfect arena to end your day with a glass of wine, or two, or three. 


Look, anyone from Australia (particularly Melbourne) who travels to the US, knows not to expect big things in the food/coffee department. I usually search high and low for a decent coffee in the US, but in NOLA I didn’t have to look hard. Notable brunch spot Willa Jean (located in the Warehouse district) had me feeling like I was at my local South Melbourne haunt with its hipster feels, bearded men and decent soy lattes. Oh and the avocado on toast….don’t forget the avo.

For dinner be sure to hit up Balise in the CBD. A relaxed take on fine dining, their selection of seafood and unique dishes can only be washed down with their incredible range of wine. Order the muscles and gnocchi… it’s literally a no fail plan. Add to that their ’grammable decor of exposed brick and moody lighting, and they’ve basically nailed #foodielife.


If you like a cocktail, then you’ve come to the right city. NOLA is a hub of nightlife, known for its jazz bar scene and friendly peeps. Check out the bar at Catahoula Hotel, where they have created a menu dedicated to Pisco. Yep…just Pisco. Add to that a rooftop tiki bar and it’s weekend vibes all day, erryday.

The cool kid scene at The Ace Hotel bar is also worth a mention…as are its Mojitos and rooftop pool #triedandtested. But if it’s gritty jazz vibes you’re after then The Spotted Cat in the French Quarter has all of the things and more. 


I managed to combine three of my favourite things to do in a new city. Cycle, eat and explore. Hitting up the Confederacy of Cruisers culinary bike tour was probably the best decision I made during my time in NOLA. With a solid list of 50 or so local foodie spots, no tour is the same.

Heading out with roughly six other people, you will pedal around the entire city stuffing your face with fried chicken, po’ boys and more. If you want a unique way to discover the city…this is it. 

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