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Veronica Stanford

I'm a sucker for anything animal related. As a member of Cool Dog Group, I pride myself on my ability to keep up with cute furry friends on social media.

That’s why I’ve decided to write a list of the cutest animals on Instagram. We’re talking chinchillas pushing mini shopping trolleys, pugs dressed as old people and hedgehogs posing in coffee cups.

No need to thank me.

Bubu the chinchilla

Bubu is a seven-year-old chinchilla from Singapore. Bubu’s Instragram includes pictures playing the drums, doing the Christmas shopping and enjoying a coffee now and then.


Mya the bulldog

Mya’s Instagram account documents her travels across New York and LA. She’s also a fan of dressing up. You’ll see the bulldog in costume as E.T, Cupid, a pilot, a clown and more.


Buddy, Boo and Blue

You are probably pretty familiar with Boo, who may be the most famous dog around. Did you know Boo has siblings though? This 'gram covers everything from matching costumes to cute cuddles. It's doggy sweetnes multiplied by three.


Darcy the hedgehog

Who knew hedgehogs were so cute? Darcy is so cute in fact, that he has his very own book. The whole Instagram is perfectly styled, looking like something out of a fashion blog.


Jimmy Choo the bull terrier

Jimmy Choo’s Instagram is probably the most artistic. Set against a white background, Jimmy poses with various people and characters, often with witty marker drawings around him. You gotta see this one for creativity alone.


Logan the toy poodle

Logan spends his days posting his #ootd like a regular fashionista. And let us tell you, there’s nothing much cuter than a toy poodle wearing a shirt and tie.


Toast the Cavalier

Toast is pretty cool. You may recognise this pup from Karen Walker campaigns. You’ll catch her on Instagram kicking back in her bathrobe and chugging down on a glass of red at night, like a regular model.


Trotter the french bulldog

Trotter’s Instagram is all about getting in costume, you’ll see him strutting around in activewear, in summer hats and sunnies or heading off to a masquerade party with heels that match the mask.


Prissy and Poppleton the miniature pigs

Prissy and Poppleton are miniature pigs from Florida. They wear matching outfits. Need we say more?


Snoopy Babe the cat

Considering I’ve never been able to get my cat in costume, this account is just impressive. Snoopy also has massive eyes and the squishiest looking face. So following is a no brainer.


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