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Amy Campbell

It’s that time of year again. This weekend, those of us that aren’t spending the winter break gallivanting around Europe will fly north for the next best thing: Byron Bay’s Splendour in the Grass festival. For three consecutive days, we’ll mosh alongside our (un-showered) pals, drink seriously overpriced Smirnoff mixers and eat enough food truck tacos to last a lifetime. Who needs Europe, anyway?

But, like most fashion-conscious festival goers, after purchasing my $300+ festival ticket, I tend to fret. Forget important things like tent poles and bug spray… What on earth will I wear?  

I think we can all agree that choosing an outfit and getting dressed in a teeny tiny two-man tent is no easy feat. Thus, after attending my fair share of festivals both in Australia and abroad, I’ve learnt that prior outfit preparation is vital.  Plus, thanks to the likes of Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller and the brigade of Victoria’s Secret Angels, the previously humble music festival has become one big fashion show. 

To make things easier for those of you still completing your pre-festival dress rehearsals (don’t laugh, we all do it) we’ve compiled a dictionary of every single festival trend you're likely to see at Splendour. Ladies, get ready to pull on that pair of pants you’d never wear IRL.

It’s festival time. 

Trend: Silver coin jewellery

You bought it at: Ishka (on sale)  

Your festival fashion icon is: Kendall Jenner 

Why? It’s all in the brassy jingle jangle. Just in case the band on stage isn’t making enough noise, your neck/wrists/ankles might as well join in on the action. This trend isn’t for the minimalist, and works best if you layer to the nines. Make like Kendall at Coachella and adopt the mantra: the more coin you wear, the more fun you have. 

Trend: Woven Aztec Poncho

You bought it at: The last festival you went to, because you were cold, hungover and needed a blanket 

Your festival fashion icon: Angus Stone 

Why? Resembling Joseph’s Technicolour Dreamcoat, this matted sheet of shagginess can be seen at any festival with an uber-chill band on the lineup. It’s worn by the kids that prefer campsite chilling to moshing, and can be purchased for an inflated price at those weird festival market stalls. It won’t see the light of day once you return home, but come festival time it’s the most valuable thing you own. 

Trend: Puffy duck down jacket/vest

You bought it at: Macpac, Kathmandu, The North Face

Your festival fashion icon: The Michelin Man 

Why? The kids in the puffy jackets are definitely not locals. They’ve migrated north from a much cooler climate and have totally underestimated the balmy temp. But to Melburnians and Tasmanians, the puffer is like a second skin. 

Trend: Liberated Heart

You bought it at: Online, after searching #festivalfashion on Instagram 

Your festival fashion icon: Mimi Elashiry 

Why? You’re probably into EDM, and your idea of festival fun is a 4am rave cave. Behold, Liberated Heart, a Byron-born label that has taken the festival scene by storm with their psychedelic designs fit only for… festivals. The stuff is tight, bright and supremely Instagrammable. You’ll resemble a velvety galaxy, but you’ll have zero qualms dancing the night and day away.

Trend: Space buns

You’re wearing them because: Your hair’s too greasy to do anything else with 

Your festival fashion icon: Katy Perry

Why? For the ladies out there that don’t have that effortless festival wave. We’ve found the festival hair solution for you (and it’s not cornrows). Take inspo from Katy Perry @ Coachella and secure your hair in little buns atop the head. They’re low maintenance, uber-cute, and Kendall likes them, too. 

Trend: Morph suit

You bought it: for $30 on EBay

Your festival fashion icon: You don’t know, you couldn’t see his face

Why? Because you and your mates thought it would be hilarious. You obviously didn’t think about going to the bathroom.  

Trend: Choker (it’s the new flower crown)

You bought it at: the ribbon aisle in Lincraft

Your festival fashion icon: Taylor Swift

Why? We’ve seen the choker make a serious street style resurgence this year. The fact Taylor Swift Instagrammed a snap of her Coachella squad sporting chokers with the caption, ‘I feel like maybe chokers are the new flower crowns?’ might have something to do with the trends growing popularity, too. Just like the Tay we know today, it’s a little less girly, a little more grunge. 

Trend: Statement band tee

You bought it at: The merch stand at your first ever festival

Your festival fashion icon: Kristen Stewart

Why? Because your fave band played the most awesome set ever at your first music festival and you never, ever want to forget that moment. You probably haven’t washed the shirt since then either, and you probably never will. 

Trend: Sheer, Fringe, Crotchet

You bought it at: FreePeople.com 

Your festival fashion icon: Florence Welch

Why? Because you’re a traditionalist, and you want to preserve Splendour’s OG hippie vibe. It takes you at least an hour to get fully dressed and decorated, but when the festival paparazzi come out to play, you’re their darling. Sashay away. 

Illustration by Twylamae who also makes cool festival tees.

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