Because the treadmill does not compare to Beyoncé dance classes.

Words by

Veronica Stanford

Gyms are popping up everywhere, and let’s face it, every time we drive past one we are struck with a sense of guilt.

As much as the idea of getting fit is desirable, it’s hard work and just not all that fun. No matter how determined you are, sometimes the treadmill can be plain boring, and sorry Kayla Itsines but we really don’t have time to work out every day of the week.

Lucky for you, we have scoured the country and found you five fun fitness classes to help get you in shape. Sans Boredom.

Bey Dance 
Always wanted to dance like a diva and be as Bootylicious as Beyonce herself? Well fret no longer because there is a solution, and it’s called Bey-Dance. Yes that’s right, Beyonce-Dance classes 100% dedicated to teaching you all of the best dance moves from Bey. The songs are broken down over four to six weeks, so you’ll be shaking it in no time, just like Queen Bey herself.

This one is for the musos out there. Pound combines Pilates with rhythmic drumming of weighted drumsticks. Created with lovers of music in mind, this workout will actually burn up to 900 calories in a 45min session. Not bad for playing the drums.

Bounce Fit 
Turn a classically fun childhood pastime into some seriously good fitness with Bounce Fit. Classes are 45 minutes in length and offer a structured regime of high intensity, low-impact workouts. Oh, and did we mention it’s all on a trampoline? Jump to it.

Booty Fit 
Booty Fit is a series of boutique-style fitness classes designed just for the ladies. These classes aim to target your arms, legs, waistline and the all important booty, while sculpting your muscles into long, lean and perky assets. Along with a nutrition plan, you can bet Booty Fit will get you in shape.

Obstacle Course fitness 
So we may not be ready (or willing) to enter Tough Mudder just yet, but that doesn’t mean obstacle course fitness is off the cards. Fun and challenging, you can compete against friends or on your own. These workouts include a range of circuit training activities that will have you in military shape without having to drop-down and give 'em 50.

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