In case you need an alternative to Making a Murderer.

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For all y'all who have finished Making a Murderer - or, alternatively, are avoiding it like the plague - recommendations for good TV shows are few and far between.

So we asked around the FJ office to find out what everyone is binge watching at the moment. Because you can only have so much Avery in your life.

Dance Moms. ‘Cos adults being mean to children is hilarious. 


I recently signed up to Stan, which is a great Netflix alternative, and an organisation I'm really excited to be involved with. I was watching Game of Thrones and Cartel Land, but neither of those are available on Stan, so I'll have to find something else to watch.

Kardashians, because watching Kim K ugly kry will never get old.

Fargo Season 2. It’s worth watching for Kirsten Dunst alone, who plays one of the most interesting female characters currently on TV. And there’s lots of snow and blood. Who doesn’t like that combination?

Just finished Master Of None. Bloody great. Quirky, funny and sometimes just downright touching. Lines like “this interaction is over” marking the end of an awkward conversation between Dev and another character reminded me of Furst Media water cooler chat. Currently on the hunt for something else to binge on in between re-watching The Lord of The Rings (extended edition) and 5-10 NBA games per week. Suggestions unwelcome. 

Silk. I'm only two eps in but any courtroom drama has my heart.

Any crime/mystery/thriller shows really get the juices flowing. I’ve just finished Narcos and The Jinx, and Making a Murderer is next on the list. 

Narcos. What’s not to like? Violence, sex, corruption, drugs, hollywood production values but in gritty unhomogenised original Spanish - and it's all true!

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