Maybe we should all ditch Uni and take pride in our scribbles...

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In 2012, CJ Hendry decided to leave her retail job at Chanel and drop out of university after seven years with two incomplete degrees in architecture and finance. With not an ounce of savings, a boastfully large HECS debt (join the club), and a steady-going designer shopping hobby, Hendry decided give herself a year off and give other options a try.

“Oh, f*** it, I’m just going to draw” , spoken just casually by the girl who’s scribbles are now worthy of a minimum of $50,000 each and also line the walls of gods place of worship: i.e Yeezus’ house.

Instead of buying new clothes, Hendry began simple scribbling the shopping bags she used to buy - Gucci, Prada, and Chanel - leading, with popularity, to anything from the Louis Vuitton boxing gloves, cash-notes, guns, baseballs, horseshoes, to playing cards.

Having been picked up by The Cool Hunter last year, the hobby of scribbling has lead to a full blown career which no university degree could possibly compete with. Sometimes spending more than 200 hours on a single pen and god knows how many trips to Office-Works to grab another ten packets of black UniPin pens…each piece proves a dream come true for CJ Hendry, the modern day Rachel Ruysch.

Currently working on a series of Hermès plates filled with delicious food, follow the journey of @cj_hendry and enjoy being mesmerised daily.

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