OMG I love your green juice, where did you get it?

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Tabatha Turner

For the majority of us at FJ, never did we think we’d be discussing green smoothie recipes in the office. More to the point, never did we think we'd be drinking green smoothies on break.

We'd never consider having a matcha latte in replacement for a skinny latte with one, or even consider the idea of using the word ‘matcha’ in everyday life.

Quitting sugar? Pass. Instead, here are 10 really easy ways to a healthy mind and body.

1. Drink water (but not too much)

Yes we are starting slow here. You’ve heard the spiel: you should be drinking eight glasses of water a day (NB: not shot glasses). But we understand that sometimes this can be tough, or even, at times, sickening. After reading The Body Book by Cameron Diaz (because Cameron Diaz), the best tip we've learnt is to keep a water bottle on your bedside table and skull half a litre before its time to rise and shine. This will set you up for drinking water for the entire day. If this is still tough, add lemon, berries, apples, oranges, pears ANYTHING, just get it down.

2. Relax, download an app

Some people have their sh*t together, and have created apps specifically targeted at those moments when all you need is a little R&R. Since our mobile devices also act as our fifth limb, there are no excuses not to relax, unwind and use that spare five minutes to calm down. Our favourites (for when the FARSHUN becomes heccas in the office) are Pocket Yoga, Stop Breath & Think and Smiling Mind.

3. Aim to eat 15 fruit and vegetables a day

According to The Great Australian Diet, we should be eating a minimum of 15 different fruits and vegetables a day.

We know. This sounds tricky. But sip on a smoothie for breakfast, enjoy a big sandwich for lunch, or simply count them one by one. Create a challenge among galpals (we promise, you can make friends with salad).

4. Stop, drop and SQUAT

You’ve heard about squats guaranteeing a fabulous behind, but never have you imagined actually achieving this goal. Try setting an alarm on your phone twice a day to smash out 25-50 deep squats. Not only will this firm up the imaginable, but it will also ramp up your metabolism while sitting at your desk, by activating the biggest muscles of the body.

5. Sleep on Airplane Mode

There is nothing worse then not being able to drift off to sleep, especially when combined with a good dose of party fomo, waiting for a certain someone to message back, or a good sesh on the Kendall and/or Kylie App. Notice how much better you sleep when switching off your phone? Switch to Airplane Mode before hitting the sack. Trust us, it works.

6. Wear sunscreen and sleep on a silk pillow

You live and most likely went to primary school in Australia which means you were probably taught by a talking giraffe in the Life Ed van to SLIP SLOP SLAP. Well the method still applies. Although your skin is flawlessly young now, keep in mind your future. Slap on some sunscreen in the morning (this is our winner) and sleep on a silky smooth pillow at night to protect that precious money maker.

7. Move on YouTube

Can’t afford the gym right now? Not to worry, some fitness gurus are kind enough to upload their classes to Youtube. If free stuff doesn’t motivate you, we don’t know what will.

8. Put your feet up

Feeling sluggish? Can’t concentrate on the essay in front of you (potentially also due tonight at 5pm)? Take a note out of our book and get upside down. It has been scientifically proven that sending blood flow to the scalp can have an energising and calming effect on the body, in conjunction with helping hair growth, balance, circulation, breathing and upper-body strength.

9. Take a probiotic

Recently, there has been major talk around the fact that your health and happiness rests on the lining of your stomach. This part of the body is the most affected by stress, eating foreign or unhealthy food, partying and lack of sleep. Try and take a probiotic just before you go to bed, and see the difference in your digestion, mood and overall rig.

10.  Laugh

Have a glass of wine, watch bad reality TV, dance, eat chocolate (not 100% cocoa) and be lazy sometimes. Being healthy is about balance, so don’t take yourself too seriously and ENJOY LIFE.

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