Because hitting snooze doesn't get you abs.

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Tabatha Turner

Trying to force yourself to exercise is an emotional journey of tough love. Gone are the days of producing a note from your parents that says ‘Penny has her period so won’t be able to participate in swimming class.’ Sigh.

Even worse is trying to exercise in the morning. We are riled by the hardships of self-motivation when the alarm goes off and we're forced to decide between a morning of sweat, or more comfortably, a morning of Just Right and perhaps a lil’ Karl Stefanovic.

But a little extra shut-eye won’t get you abs.

Pause the complaining and banish the bitching because technically, you are already awake. Here are five ways to get up and get your butt to the gym.

1. You’ve heard it one thousand times: plan and lay out your outfit the night before

And not just any outfit, plan to look great. Whether it’s a new sports bra or a sleeeek all-black kit, planning to wear coordinated activewear works in the same way as getting excited to wear a dress on the weekend. Once you've planned it, you just want to rock it. Pretend you are a celebrity getting papp’d outside the gym and aim to look fit, feel fit.

2. Or better yet, sleep in your activewear

This one works for obvious reasons. You can literally roll out of bed, roll on some deo and grab the morning by the cajones. Activewear is already comfortable, so you shouldn't have too much trouble getting to sleep. Also you're going to sweat in it anyway. 

NB: while a sports bra is optional, runners are an absolute no-no. (I may or may not know this from first-hand experience.)

3. Use your alarm as a tool of success

Instead of waking up to the usual iPhone 'Chimes’ or ‘Uplift’ alarm sound, pick a song. And not just any song. Perhaps ‘Pump Up The Jam,’ Rihanna’s ‘Work’ or ‘Eye of the Tiger.’ Whatever it is, use the song as a tool to get up, get dressed and get motivated to sweat.

4. Can’t get up? Have a mint and stalk Instagram

So the alarm is going off continuously and you’re just lying there, ignoring its persistency. Today is one of those mornings that ‘it’ is just not going to happen. Help yourself out. Have a mint. The sugar in the mint will ignite your brain and liven up your tastebuds and nerve endings. It also means you don't have to brush your teeth before going to the gym. Plus, sucking on a mint while scrolling your phone through the latest Insta-fit models' morning ab 'grams, is a foolproof way to at least tear the doona off.

5. Have a bitchy friend waiting for you… preferably on the same fitness level

Not too bitchy, but mean enough to give you serious grief if you don’t rock up to 7am Spin. Hell, even get her to pick you up from home and make a green smoothie date post-workout. This technique is mutually advantageous as both parties have been held to their word. Better yet, if she's a little bit mean, you’ll feel the stab of remorse when you receive the text ‘Wake up you lazy slob!!’

6. Set an intention, because #goals work

Ask yourself, why should I get up? It's not always going to be for a sweat sesh. Perhaps you have a 1500-word essay due this evening or you have some smashed avo with the fancy persian feta Mum just bought calling your name. Whatever it is, set your intention. We find these affirmations CAN help when getting out of bed.

“I need to wake up my oh-so intelligent brain”
“This will help my mood towards my friends and family”
“I want to look good in Levi's denim cut-offs”

NB: If looking good in Levi's denim cut-offs doesn’t get you out of bed, we cannot help you.

Follow these five steps; follow your morning workout dreams.

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