At an important time.

Words by

Hannah Clifton

For the first time ever, a Hijabi woman has made the front cover of a US fitness magazine.

And she’s absolutely killing it.

Six-time marathoner, two-time triathlete and mum of three, Rahaf Khatib, has graced the cover of the October issue of Women’s Running.

Looking gorgeous in teal and black, Khatib was photographed and interviewed as a part of the magazine’s #LikeAGirl feature that highlighted 20 stories of women who are influencing, inspiring and creating waves in their community through running.

Her popular Instagram account, @runlikeahijabi has just over 2,500 followers. She regularly posts healthy snacks, selfies, and inspirational running posts that make us want to jump into our Nikes and hit up the Tan.

She’s due to run her seventh marathon on Sunday.

You go girl.

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