Life in plastic, it's fantastic.

Words by

Anastasia McInerney

We all know using plastic water bottles isn’t the best thing for the environment, yet most of us still do it.

But it turns out the final resting place of the humble Mount Franklin bottle could now be in your wardrobe (or your leggings to be precise). 

Seattle-based label, Girlfriend Collective, has created leggings made from recycled water bottles. Yep, you read that right. 

The primary fibre in the leggings is recycled micro polyester, which is made entirely from recycled post-consumer water bottles. According to the label, the process uses 85 per cent less energy than regular polyester fabric and has a 50 per cent lower carbon footprint.

The label is also doing its bit workers' rights. 

Girlfriend Collective promotes fair wages and safe working conditions for its factory workers in Hanoi, Vietnam. 

The activewear gods have spoken. You can read more about the label, its processes and working conditions here


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