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Amber De Luca - Tao

Well, this news may cause a slight disturbance in your state of tranquility.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, yoga has been ranked in the same intensity category as walking, standing and light object lifting.

That is, it’s ‘light’ intensity.

That is, it doesn’t really count as exercise.

Unfortunately, it’s not a load of bs. Actually well it is, but it’s ~official~ bs. The Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise journal commissoned a study to prove it.  (If you don’t believe us, you can check it out for yourself).

If you didn’t think this was really *that* big of a deal, it gets worse. The Centre for Disease Control in the US classifies this level of intensity, ‘light intensity’, to be an inactive form of exercise. I repeat, INACTIVE.

This info is seriously hard to process. Especially given the fact the study referenced a total of 27 studies to confirm these shocking findings.

Inactive is definitely an ambiguous word. What is inactive? Binge watching TV for 10 hours straight? Online shopping? Pretty much not moving all day? We’ll go with that.

We’re clearly just trying to weasel our way out of this one. But on a serious note, it can’t be overlooked that this ‘light exercise’, requires a serious level of motivation and flexibility. And that can be a lot to ask sometimes (most of the time). So let’s take this moment to praise the dedicated or even part-time yogis among us.

So to conclude, do we agree with these findings? Naaaaaa-maste. You work that downward facing dog.

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