Hashtag fitspo.

Words by

Laura Kennewell

Wearing Nike can make you look pretty damn cool. But shocker – it’s actually designed for exercise and other activities more strenuous than having a coffee with the gals (guilltyyyy).

We all need that little bit of inspo to get us out of bed, off Netflix and actually exercising. And this might just be it. Nike has released a new version of its motivating app, Nike+ Training Club. It’s packed full of so many features it’s a little cray, so we’ve summarised it for you.

  1. Nike has gone big. The new app features over 100 new workouts, so prepare to switch up your workout. This is set to be a lot more interesting than that same three-block run you always go on.
  2. The app gets that life is busy and that sometimes you just want to nap not plank. The Adaptive Training feature means the app can adjust according to your schedule and how well your progressing.
  3. It’s realistic. It totes understands that exercise is hard, and that we’re all different. So the app wants you to provide feedback on how you found the workout and your next session will be tailored accordingly. Now that’s personal training.
  4. You’re actually taught how to do things. Instead of fitness garble, the drills are presented in detail and are easy to understand and replicate.
  5. It has a selfie feature (hashtag fitspo). The app features 30+ stickers, photo sharing and tagging features. So don’t worry, everyone will know you’re working out.
  6. Did we mention it’s freeeeee? Get around it.


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