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Eliza Sholly

When we think wearable technology, our minds usually go to things like fitness devices and smart watches. Never did we expect this phenomenon to transcend into the female sanitary product industry.

Yet here we are.

One research team at Harvard University has developed a ‘smart’ tampon, able to detect specific medical conditions in women. The tampons come complete with biomarkers that can provide specific information regarding fertility, as well as sexually transmitted diseases, endometriosis and cervical cancer.                                     

“We had to come up with something that would allow women to find out about these conditions sooner than every year,” one researcher told Fast Company. “You can pick up a disease any time, and letting it sit there for a year until your next visit can have consequences downstream that you don’t want. The system has to change.”

The initiative aims to encourage women to take control of their gynaecological health in a timely and effective way. With this technology, it is easier than ever for a woman to keep tabs on her health, finding out what is going on in her body before her next doctor’s visit.  

The possibilities for this ‘smart’ tampon are limitless, with clinical trials being conducted at this very moment. Here’s hoping they hit the market soon, as they may even help your period to suck a little bit less.  

Holly Engelhardt
Bonnie Kay

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