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This is really happening.

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Giulia Brugliera

While seemingly everything we own needs to be 'on trend' – from branded toilet paper to exfoliation – we have found respite in the humble toothbrush.

Think about it. Where you might feel the need to splurge $40 on Aesop hand soap, a bulk pack of Colgate toothbrushes has always done the job.

Yet one brand has recognised a gap in a market ever-hungry for on-trend, everyday goods. Meet Quip.

Quip creates literally the trendiest toothbrushes we’ve ever seen, to the point where it has already convinced us to buy one. 

Seriously, just jump on Quip's Instagram (which already has 14k followers btw) and you’ll find yourself *needing* this toothbrush. 

The brushes are minimal, beautiful and functional, with the option of a rose gold handle because fashion. Quip also offers a subscription service, with new electric heads sent out every three months and new toothpaste delivered every two to three months, depending on your preference. 

It’s more than just a gimmick, with oral hygiene coming first and aesthetics coming second. For more on the background of the toothbrush, have a read here.


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