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Giulia Brugliera

Take it from someone who once hit snooze for three hours straight. Getting up to exercise is hard.

Even the promise of a hot coffee and a $100 note wouldn’t be enough to lure me out of the big toasty cinnamon bun that is my bed. What does work, however, is a gym buddy. 

Something about the possibility of standing up a friend while they're in lycra is just incredibly motivating. It just works. 

Some genius out in Munich knows the pulling-power of a gym buddy and has invented an app to help you find one. Called ‘Gymder’, it’s basically Tinder for fit people who want to work out together. Genius right?

Note quite. While it’s an excellent idea in principle, it seems the execution is a little off.

Firstly, Gymder launched with a trailer? While this is strange in itself, the 39 seconds that follows is also quite uncomfortable. Highlights include a lone man appearing despondent before taking a shaka selfie, and a group of people applauding a man doing chin-ups. Weird.

Secondly, the app requests access to not only location but ALL YOUR PHOTOS. For what reason, we’re not sure. 

If you’re keen to check it out Gymer regardless of all this weirdness, start here. We suggest watching the trailer first, to know what you’re in for.

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