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Eliza Sholly

For me, it takes a large sum of food or money to motivate me into exercise. This is why it pains me to know there is a breed of superhuman out there who actually enjoys physical activity.

While the idea of exercising in a group isn’t exactly a new phenomenon, it can sometimes be hard to find a like-minded clique. 

However, for all you creatives out there, we may have the perfect solution.

Creatives, meet AM:PM.RC.

AM:PM.RC, meet more creatives.

AM:PM:RC is a running tribe whose members largely work within creative industries. The tribe is young, cool and, just like you, knows the pain of early call times.

Runners all around the globe are invited to participate and encouraged to form new friendships. Members can also collaborate on creative ideas, push each other in performance, run for wellness, and improve personal bests, all while bringing a social vibe back to running.

More than just a running club, it’s also a superb networking opportunity, because nothing breaks down professional barriers like sweat. Naturally, it’s here that opportunities are born, including the above photoshoot. Photographer Ben Clement was commissioned by Nike to capture two AM:PM:RC creatives/athletes in their ‘off duty style.’ Involving Nike and the Air Pegasus '92, of course. It's a running-inspired shoe for everyday wear, born from the original running style, the 1992 Nike Air Pegasus.

Because we’re into the whole concept, we caught up with power couple, Emily Church and Ben Wakeling, to chat group fitness and why running alone sux.

How does running fit into your lifestyle?
Ben: Running for me is everything. I love it so much, I think a better question would be “How does your lifestyle fit into your running”. It has been a defining part of who I am for so long and I know it will be something I have a passion for until I'm 6 feet under.

How does running help your mental state?
Emily: Well, Ben always says the more I run, the more fun I am. (I think that’s his nice way of saying that I am grumpy if I haven’t run in a while) Some days I get off the train after a long day at work, and all I want to do is sit on the lounge and watch TV. But they’re the days that you need to push yourself to get out there, because you always feel so much better when you’ve finished.

How does running in a group compare to flying solo?
I will always love running solo, it is my outlet to escape everything stressful in life. That being said, running with a crew is amazing. I love the feeling of looking at the guys next to you and knowing they are pushing as hard (if not harder) than you and this helps you perform at your best. Sometimes you even surprise yourself with what you’re capable of.

As someone with a creative mind, do you find running helps when you’re stuck for inspiration?
Absolutely. I find that running completely clears my head. By wiping the slate clean, you can start to see things from a perspective that you hadn’t considered before. Running for me is the perfect remedy for a blocked or uncertain mind.

How important is having creative freedom?
 I think everyone deserves to be able to express themselves in the way they want to. Whether this is through the medium of drawing, photography, design or other – it is so important to find what you love and what makes you tick, and to continue to make this practice a part of your everyday life.
Ben: Creativity is one aspect of life that should have no rules. Too much of our lives are spent following guidelines, driving to work, parking in these spaces, making sure you eat this food, not that food, formatting your emails this way, wearing this, owning that etc. It all becomes super frustrating. If you can find a creative outlet that lets you express yourself in the way you want without expectation or judgment, hold on to it because it's a beautiful thing.

If this sounds like something that you would get out of bed for, hit up AM:PR.RC for further deets. We can tell this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


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