Pass the bottle.

Words by

Kristen Byass

If you’re looking for a little extra motivation to start exercising, a wine-based fun run might just be what you need.

Allow us to introduce you to the Grapest 5k Run. It involves running through picturesque vineyards, spurred on by the promise of a one-kilometre wine tasting walk at the end.

Much like a mouse making its way through a maze for that sweet, sweet cheese, you’ll have run five kilometres before you even know it.

Thought of cardio making you want to run to the safety of your bed? For those particularly fitness-challenged, the wine tasting package can be purchased on its own.

The ticket price also includes lots of useful things you’ll need on the day. A wine glass attached to a lanyard, a Sip Happens medal at the finish line and a sexy branded headband, for starters.

The Grapest 5k Run is happening all around Australia. If you like this idea as much as we do, tickets and event dates are available here.



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