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Veronica Stanford

We are still recovering from the insane fitbod eye candy that was the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. We know eating well and working out is very important but, like most, sometimes we can’t help but snack on that pack of salt and vinegar chips.

That’s why we thought we’d get some expert advice on avoiding temptation and enjoying the healthy life. Cue Tom Hose, managing director of FoxFit and trainer of models including Steph Claire Smith and Anna McEvoy (drool).

We gathered some handy tips to help you combat the three main elements of #modelbod.


We’re not going to lie to you, exercise is integral, especially if you want a model body. There’s no shortcut for this one, you've just got to grit your teeth and do it.

But if you're going to do it, you want to do it right and make sure it’s worthwhile, right? Tom says that it's important to work through many modalities such as resistance training, boxing and interval training.

“I believe one modality alone is too limited. We place a priority on high reps, low weight & typically work very high thresholds using a heart rate monitor to keep the girls on point to achieve that toned, slender look. I also recommend the girls build yoga or some form of restorative practice as a strategy to create equilibrium.”

Tom also suggested the following workout to do at home:

Equipment: Skipping rope, Swiss Ball, 2 x 3kg dumbbell 
Warm Up: Your personal preference of dynamic warm up drills. Bodyweighted Squats x 15

Circuit One:
1A - Scirror Lunge  x 45 secs
1B - Tuck Jumps  x 45secs
1C - Sumo Squat Jumps x 45 secs
1D - Skipping x 1:30 @ 85% effort
Recovery: 30 secs
Sets: 2

Circuit Two:
2A - Swiss Ball Pike to Push Up x 45 secs
2B - 2 x 3kg dumbbell Renegade Row x 45 secs
2C – 300m Dash at 85% effort
Recovery: 30 secs
Sets: 2

Circuit Three:
3A -  Swiss Ball Jacknife x 30 secs
3B-   Swiss Ball Crunch x30 secs
3C-   Swiss Ball Hover (feet on swiss ball) x 30 secs
Recovery: 30 secs
Sets: 2

Cool down & stretch.


Healthy living really can’t happen without nourishing foods. And while it can be pretty hard to avoid temptation, Tom helped us with the following tips on re-creating your relationship with food.

1. Change your relationship with food, rather than looking at food as a calorie equation, look at each meal as way to nourish and improve your state of vitality.
2. Set yourself up to succeed, clear your pantry of all of things that aren’t nourishing, as the old saying holds true - ‘out of sight out of mind.’
3. If you’re craving something sweet, I typically recommend using a low carb, clean protein powder in a smoothie bowl as sugar substitute. However, be mindful, as the majority of protein powders can be more toxic than they seem. Hence why I recommend a protein powder like Four Protein that contains four wholesome ingredients.


Motivation is probably the key factor in getting healthy and boy, we know the struggle. We’ll be the first to admit the desire to switch on Dance Moms with chocolate in-hand can be very overwhelming.

Tom gave us the following tips to help stay motivated:
1. Invest in an awesome trainer. It may seem a little expensive at the time, however it’s cheaper than paying for a gym membership that never gets used. A good personal trainer will invest 100 per cent into your wellbeing keeping you motivated, accountable, provide you with correct structure and variety and keep it fun while achieving results.
2. If a trainer is outside of your budget, form a fit gang and get active with your friends outdoors. having friends involved will keep it fun and your more like to stay active.
3. Be clear on what you want to achieve, then dig deeper and understand the why. This will give more substance when sticking to your goals long term.


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