Time to live in the moment.

Words by

Veronica Stanford

If you get sick of people blocking your vision at a concert because they’ve got their phones in the air, you may be partial to this bit of news. 

Apple seems to believe that you should be living in the moment, especially if you’re seeing live music.

The tech giant has applied for, and been granted, a patent to prevent people from snapping photos at “sensitive events”, including movies and concerts.

The Patent was filed in 2011 and explains the iPhone camera would be able to detect infrared signals with encoded data. A venue would then be able to decide if they wanted to emit infared signals at an event, and if so, your camera and video capabilities will be disabled.

The technology can also be used to present you with information on objects you may capture, at a museum for example.

There’s no word yet on whether Apple plans to actually implement the software, with the company often patenting ideas that they don’t actually put into production.

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