And it's for a good cause.

Words by

Zoe Beer

If you thought the end of 2015 brought with it the end to remodelling Disney princesses, you were wrong.

Before you groan, this one has a worthwhile message to it (although turning Disney princesses into hotdogs was pretty inspiring).

For Cervical Cancer Awareness month, which the majority of people don’t know is January, we see the princesses get on board and take a trip to the gynaecologist.

Thanks to artist Maritza Lugo and writer Danielle Sepulveres, the original artwork has gone viral and spread the much-needed awareness as fast as an STD.

“I’ve always believed that we have our own individual favourite Disney princesses because they represent the best parts of ourselves or how we want to be,” Maritza Lugo said. She goes on to say this is the factor that makes them relatable, and that if we can identify with them, it should make it easier to identify with issues surrounding sexual and reproductive health.

While the Disney Princesses have always seemed kind of unattainable (those waistlines are not built to fit human organs) it’s refreshing to see them as normal women, just trying to look after their sexual health and their cervix. Always wanted to be a Disney princess? Here's a good place to start.

Happy CCA month.


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