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Women around the world will know the struggle of when Aunty Flow comes to town. The days at work spent emotional, hungry and a little more sensitive than usual, are often overlooked by employers as just ‘that time of the month.’

However, a company in the UK is overlooking no more. Introducing CoExist, a social community group that is allowing workers to take time off during their periods.

Based in Bristol, CoExist is a company that employs 31 staff. Run by Bex Baxter, the initiative is hoping to increase productivity.

“I have managed many female members of staff over the years and I have seen women at work who are bent over double because of the pain caused by their periods,” she said.

”Despite this, they feel they cannot go home because they do not class themselves as unwell.

“And this is unfair. At Coexist we are very understanding. If someone is in pain - no matter what kind - they are encouraged to go home.”

Bex continued: “But, for us, we wanted a policy in place which recognises and allows women to take time for their body's natural cycle without putting this under the label of illness.”


The idea of ‘period leave’ has been welcomed enthusiastically by staff of both genders at CoExist.

Bex added: “I want us to break down that shame and replace the negativity with positivity. Both men and women have been open to the ideas - especially from the younger generation.”

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