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The best kind of six-pack.

Words by

Eliza Sholly

There’s a number of things to love about Easter:

  1. Hot Cross Buns
  2. An excuse to binge on chocolate, minus the guilt
  3. Lindt bunnies  
  4. The clearance prices on chocolate in the post-Easter period

If you’ve recognised that everything on this list revolves around food, maybe you’ll start to understand the kind of person I am.

And maybe you’ll understand my decision to nearly weep tears of joy when I heard that Doughnut Time, the holy grail of dessert, are introducing three limited edition Easter flavours.

These Easter doughnuts will be available in all stores from Friday March 31 until Tuesday April 18, coming in a special themed box when a four or six pack is purchased.

“WHAT ARE THE FLAVOURS!?” I hear you yell at your computer screen. Well, allow me.

Yolk Addict – yellow, white and eggshell cream glaze doughnut, topped with mini white sprinkles and a Cadbury Crème Egg.

Scavenger Jackpot – blue and white cream glaze doughnut, decorated with crushed oreo, M&M speckled eggs, chocolate eggs and a mini Malteaster Bunny.

Chubby Bunny – pink and white cream glaze doughnut, topped with mini marshmallows, rainbow sprinkles and a custom chocolate bunny.

The amount of Easter themed doughnuts that will be consumed by myself and myself alone is equal parts sickening and amazing. I’m just getting into the spirit of the holidays, OK?


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