Roots, Shock, Beauty.

Words by

Tara Smith

FKA twigs has launched her own Zine on Instagram, using the platform to educate and inform readers on thought-provoking topics.

Her very first issue, which you can check out here, is titled “ROOTS, SHOCK, BEAUTY”, and addresses her relationship with braided hair.

“As a mixed race person, I have a very complicated relationship with my hair. For people of colour, hair texture is such a big conversation. I’ve heard horrific stories of girls going into school with braids and teachers telling them to take them out, or even cutting girl’s braids out in the classroom,” FKA twigs told Dazed.

“Rather than posting selfies or pictures of your cups of coffee or avocado toast, I thought it would be exciting to see people using it in more of a creative way to express themselves.”

The zine uses Instagram's flick-through slide function to mimic the pages of a magazine. There’s no concrete schedule, but the musician aims to produce one issue a month.


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