What a time to be alive.

Words by

Amber De Luca - Tao

When Apple introduced the touch ID fingerprint sensor for iPhones and iPads, we thought we were living pretty futuristically.

But get this. You may soon be able to complete your Amazon purchases with a #selfie.

According to HypeBeast it’s called ‘Pay By Selfie’ technology. It will allow customers to checkout by taking a photo or video of themselves, instead of entering a password. It’s kinda like going through passport control at the airport, without the overseas holiday at the end.

The camera will also prompt the user to perform certain actions like blinking, smiling and head tilting. This is so the computer can prove a real person is making the purchase.

It’s hoped that this new method will create a safer (and more self-absorbed) online shopping experience.

At least this will be one less password we have to remember.


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